Recent work

Farming series 1–100

I was born into a farming family and grew up in the remnants of Sherwood Forest in England, a place where Robin Hood myths are still plentiful. We were lucky to have the benefit of an adventurous, rural childhood and could roam free for miles without encountering a pesticide, a road or a town. Now that corporations have taken over our agriculture, how do we remember such daily journeys along well-trodden paths, to farm or merely to wander? What do we do with the loss of farming traditions and intimate knowledge, with the co-operative rituals of millennia? What is our collective responsibility for maintaining the health and fertility of the earth?

Smudgy black charcoal horizontal lines at top and bottom of a 12 inch square, with a crude line drawing of a gate and fence along the bottom third of the space.
Farming No. 80, charcoal, 12 x 12 inches
Smudgy black charcoal shapes at the bottom of a 12 inch square, with vague repeated symbols of cows horns and repeated tally marks in a strip. An orange shape resembling a bladder hangs from the top right and spreads into thin horizontal tendrils towards the left of the image.
Farming No. 78, charcoal and conté crayon, 12 x 12 inches


Smudgy charcoal drawing with a dark bag shape in the venter, filled with cow symbols and streams of what might be liquid.
Framing No. 81, charcoal, 12 x 12 inches
Smudgy charcoal drawing that resembles a delta seen from above cow symbols are in the bottom center and three fat smudgy stripes to the right.
Farming No. 84, charcoal, 12 x 12 inches