Exhibition projects

Patient No More

Ed Roberts Campus

Curator and graphic designer for an accessible exhibition about the “Section 504 Sit-In” by a group of over 100 people with disabilities and their allies in San Francisco in 1977. Featuring video interviews with those who were there, the exhibit captures the spirit of the time and charts the unfolding events that would lead to the first civil rights legislation for people with disabilities. For current locations and the project website visit the website of the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at SF State University. 

Click this link to hear the Pushing Limits, KPFA program hosted by Edward Ytuarte about the creation of “Patient No More”, including an interview with Fran Osborne and 504 protester Dennis Billups. 

DIS/PLAY: A disability take-over

SOMArts, San Francisco

Curator and designer for an exhibition featuring the work of 35 artists with and without disabilities and programming for 3 accessible events. For the SOMArts archive page and list of participating artists please visit this SOMArts link.

Click this link to hear the KPOO program hosted by DJ Marilyn on 3/25/2015 before the exhibit opened, interviewing artists Jennifer Villatore, Eric Crowell and Nicole Hall, the creators of the “Magic Tree’ installation.